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Tea Plantation Tour Experience in Rwanda

Tea Plantation Tour Experience in Rwanda

One of the best add-on activities for your safari in Rwanda is a tea plantation tour experience. Visiting the tea estates and taking part in the entire process of tea growing, harvesting, and learning how it finally ends up in a hot cup of tea is the ideal way to discover unique adventures that typically happen only once in a lifetime and you wouldn’t want to miss it out. With the Tea Tour Plantation Experience in Rwanda, you may extend your incredible trip from within National Parks to roaming through the beautiful and glittering tea plantations, engaging with the people, and receiving one of the most intriguing experiences.

Because Rwanda is geographically located and gifted with a thousand hills and excellent volcanic soils suited for cultivating tea, the nation has a large number of tea plantation areas. The Gisakura Tea Plantation, the most well-known and unquestionably the most beautiful of Rwanda’s tea plantations, is located on the rippling hills on the outskirts of Nyungwe National Park in the southern province of Rwanda. This location is the main recommendation for a tea plantation tour experience in Rwanda.

With breathtaking views of both the tea fields and the tropical Nyungwe Forests, this complementary journey will provide you a rare opportunity to explore a crop to cup tea experience. You will visit and tour the plantation, meet locals who are always in the fields to harvest and learn how tea is planted, the art of picking tea leaves, and enjoy the fun and active moments of plucking it out on your own. This amazing and authentic African experience will inspire you to learn about tea growing and processing.

Continue your Gisakura tea tour experience by participating in further interactive talks about Rwandan tea production, watching additional tea brewing and processing demonstrations, and tasting the finished product. You will get the opportunity to try some of the finest African black tea produced in Gisakura, which is surrounded by the undulating hills of Nyungwe National Park.

Visitors frequently get the opportunity to see the enormous troop of Colobus monkeys that reside on the edge of Nyungwe Forest within the tea plantation while on a tea plantation tour in Rwanda’s Gisakura tea fields. This sighting is likely to add special moments to your tea tour experience.

The Gisovu Tea Plantation, which is perched just on the northern edge of Nyungwe National Park, is another fascinating tea plantation worth visiting for your free and amazing tea tour experience. It has shimmering fields and a magnificent display of contrasting tea rows with the forests that stand just behind them.

The Rwandan tea plantation tour is a lovely trip that gives back to the community since a portion of the collected donations is sent to the local employees and tea harvesters to maintain their social welfare.

Along with visiting a tea plantation, other exciting and well-liked tourist activities include chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe National Park, encounters with the chimpanzees as they play, hoot, and clang through the jungle, a canopy walk experience, and the best forest views in the entire Nyungwe Forest.

Visits to Lake Kivu for boat rides and water sports are other activities tourists include on their adventure bucket lists in Rwanda. Volcanoes National Park also offers a variety of thrilling and adventurous activities, including treks to see gorillas and golden monkeys, among others.

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