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Facts About Rwanda as a Tourist Destination

Facts About Rwanda as a Tourist Destination

As a travel location, Rwanda has a lot of facts. Rwanda is a landlocked nation with a surface area of 26,338 square kilometres that is situated in the centre of Africa. Due to its various hills and valleys, which make its topography ideal for observing and resting, Rwanda is also known as the Switzerland of Africa. In addition to Burundi and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda shares borders with Tanzania in the east, Uganda in the north, Burundi in the south, and Burundi in the west.

Let’s provide you some tips on information on Rwanda as a tourist destination if you have any plans to travel there soon.

Tourists may visit four of Rwanda’s national parks, and each one is distinctive in its own way. The only savanna park in Rwanda that is known to be home to a variety of animals and bird species is Akagera National Park. Elephants, rhinos, leopards, lions, and buffalo are among the Big Five creatures that may be found in the park’s marshes, forests, and savannah, which are surrounded by a natural river border with Tanzania and are dotted with a dozen lakes.

The 160 km2 rainforest-covered Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda is a national park in the northwest of the country. It is named after a group of eight dormant volcanoes, five of which are in Rwanda: Karisimbi, Bisoke, Muhabura, Gahinga, and Sabyinyo. The endangered gorillas that are estimated to share 95% of our DNA are found in the Volcanoes National Park. The ability to observe gorillas in their natural environment is one of the many fascinating facts about Rwanda as a travel destination. Some people even think it may change your life.

One of the oldest rainforests in Africa is found at Nyungwe National Park, which is located in the southern section of the nation near the border with Burundi. The Congo and Nile Rivers, the two biggest rivers in the world, are nourished by the park. Around 1,068 documented plant species, 322 bird species, 75 identified animal species, and 13 distinct primate species may be found at Nyungwe National Park. Chimpanzees, waterfalls, and the Canopy Walk, a 90-meter hanging bridge over the jungle, are the primary draws for visitors to the park. The Gishwati-Mukura National Park, made up of the two distinct woods Gishwati and Mukura, is the fourth national park. Two hundred chimpanzees and golden monkeys reside in Gishwati.

Mukura and Gishwati woodlands both include records of almost 400 different bird species.

The facts about Rwanda as a travel destination also contain information about its national parks and museums and art galleries. These consist of:

A few long-horned Inyambo cattle, descended from the king’s herd, dwell in the back of the King’s Palace museum in Nyanza, which is a replica of the old royal house. Their caretakers give them tender care and sing to them, continuing a special custom.

The Belgian government donated historical, anthropological, artistic, and archaeological objects to the ethnographic museum in Huye, where they are displayed alongside visual aids to provide visitors with a deep understanding of Rwandan culture.

Rwanda Art Museum, formerly known as the Presidential Palace Museum, features both local and international contemporary art.

Museum at Richard Kandt House. It bears the name of the first German colonial governor of Rwanda who served up to the early 1900s. His former residence in Kigali has been transformed into a museum that explores life in Rwanda before, during, and after colonialism. There is a zoo at the museum where you may observe snakes and crocodiles.

We can’t leave Rwanda’s history out of the list of facts regarding the country as a travel destination. One million Tutsi people were allegedly massacred in genocide in Rwanda that lasted just 100 days. This represents the country’s troubling past. You will get the opportunity to visit the Kigali Genocide Memorial while in Rwanda and learn more about what occurred as well as the steps that led to the country’s progress today.

As the safest and cleanest city in Africa, Kigali is one of the Facts about Rwanda as a travel destination. You may connect with Kigali’s many landmarks and suburbs by taking a city tour.

Additionally, you’ll be able to shop in neighbourhood markets for trinkets to bring home.

If you are considering a trip to Rwanda, you will be astounded by how the nation and its people welcome visitors with the utmost warmth. You will be able to see first hand how the nation overcame a myriad of issues and found a myriad of answers to transform it into a tiny paradise for tourists. Contact World Africa Journeys to have a tour of Rwanda that is well-planned out and to make your trip special.

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