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Colobus Monkey Trekking Tours in Rwanda

Colobus Monkey Trekking Tours in Rwanda

One of the tourist attractions in Nyungwe Forest National Park is tracking the colobus monkeys. This dense forest, which is in the western part of Rwanda and is known for having 13 species of primates, including chimpanzees, is also home to the canopy walk, a suspended metal bridge that allows visitors to see the forest.

Colobus monkey trekking must be combined with chimpanzee trekking or a trip along the Canopy trip. This amazing journey begins in Kigali and travels through Nyanza, where clients can stop by the Royal Palace Museum or the Ethnographic Museum in Huye Town, both of which are situated in the southern region. You will continue your journey to enter this dense forest of Nyungwe after lunch on the same day. After arriving, customers go to their lodgings to get ready for the following day’s Colobus Monkey Trekking, Chimpanzee Trekking, or Canopy Walk Hike.

Clients who are extending their journey from Volcanoes National Park can engage in colobus monkey trekking after engaging in gorilla trekking, golden monkey trekking, hiking Bisoke Volcano or hiking Kalisimbi Volcano. Following your time spent at Volcanoes National Park, you travel through Rwanda’s western park, passing through Lake Kivu. You might opt to go on a boat tour of the lake’s islands or a tour of Kivu’s coffee plantations. You can even spend the night fishing before travelling the next day to Nyungwe National Park to go on a walk with colobus monkeys.

The guest has the option of visiting the Gisakura tea estate and having a processing experience inside the factory after the Colobus monkey walk.

There are several lodging options in the Nyungwe National Park, ranging from luxurious lodging to budget-friendly lodging.

If you’re considering a trip to Rwanda’s Nyungwe Forest National Park, get in touch with World Africa Journeys for suggestions and tour packages.

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