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Lake Kivu Fishermen Experience in Rwanda

Lake Kivu Fishermen Experience in Rwanda.

The Fishermen Experience on Lake Kivu is a recently developed tourist attraction on the shores of Lake Kivu that has begun to draw a large number of visitors to Rubavu and Gisenyi, where fishing is done using three-wheel canoe boats. After going gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park or Nyungwe National Park and spending the night in Rubavu or Gisenyi, it is becoming a part of the Rwanda Gorilla Safari. By participating in this magically tailored real fishing experience on Lake Kivu, you may add colour to your evening. Easily encrypt this as part of your Rwanda Safari package. A strong suggestion for anyone looking to learn more about Rwanda outside of its tourism attractions. The fishing experience is as real and illuminating as you had hoped.

With the Fishermen experience on Lake Kivu and a night with Rwanda’s Musical Fishermen on Lake Kivu, evenings at Lake Kivu in Gisenyi have begun to be quite lively. Lake Kivu is a body of water that is 84 kilometres long, 48 kilometres broad, and 240 metres deep. It is shared by Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The photos captured during the full trip of fishing on Lake Kivu are the purest and nicest ones available in the nation. The local fisherman, who are both Congolese and Rwandese and are fishing together, carry out their daily tasks unaffected or moderated by the presence of tourists, making the entire experience real.

You’ll love listening to their fishing songs as they work together to cast their nets into the water in an effort to capture anything.

On the banks of Lake Kivu, one of Rwanda’s most romantic activities is held each evening. The sounds of fisherman rowing towards the lake’s centre in preparation for another night of work fill lakefront villages as the sun sets.

Tourists who want to experience the adventure of fishing with the fishermen should be prepared by the lake’s shores by 4:30 PM to watch the entire process, beginning with the fishermen assembling their three boats, nets, and lamps before teaming up to begin fishing in the lake. You ought to have reserved a separate boat with a guide who serves as a translator so that you can navigate the full fishing procedure and understand what happens. Hundreds of fishermen start their day’s labour by rowing to the lake’s middle while whistling and singing in time with one another. They sing to gain confidence and to aid in canoe paddling when they become disoriented in the lake while on the hunt.

The fishermen’s nightly journey across the lake, which can last all night, from about 5 o’clock in the evening until 5 o’clock the following morning as they try to catch a meal, is truly captivating. For this reason, some refer to them as the singing fishermen of Lake Kivu.

Tourists interested in experiencing this can join the fisherman in their three-boat canoe starting at approximately 4:00 PM to see them begin the preparation process. Later, they can join the fishermen to try out the fishing expedition. Around 6:30 PM, when it begins to become dark, the fishermen begin to light their gas lights, luring fish into their nets. As a result, the lake acquires gorgeous lighting effects that resemble candlelight for a romantic evening. These lights have made the residents of the lake area quite well-known. With the brilliant fishing lights on at night, the lake is incredibly colourful. The fishermen finally lift the net after waiting for many hours. They may do this up to three more times during the night before heading back to land.

As the nets will be lowered into the ocean, the visitors can afterwards return to their hotel around 8 or 9 PM. Depending on one’s interest, the complete event can last between two and four hours.

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