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Rwanda Mountain Hiking Safari Tours

Rwanda Mountain Hiking Safari Tours

Rwanda is referred to as “the land of a thousand hills.” The most rewarding activity for those searching for adventure in Rwanda is Rwanda Mountain Hiking Safari Tours. The complete mountain range for climbing is found in the northern region of Rwanda in the well-known volcano series (Muhabura, Kalisimbi, Sabyinyo, Gahinga, and Bisoke), which creates the Volcanoes National Park with its bamboo and rain forest. In the Volcanoes National Park, the most well-known mountains for trekking are Bisoke, Kalisimbi, and Muhabura.

With a height of 3711 metres, the Bisoke volcano may be walked in a single day and is one of the Rwanda Mountain Hiking Safari Tours. The customer has two options: he may trek it while he is staying in Musanze in Volcanoes National Park, or he can drive there early in the morning from Kigali, hike the Bisoke Volcano to its stunning crater lake, and then return that same day.

Walking up the Kalisimbi volcano takes two days and is included in the Rwanda Mountain Hiking Tours. The first day, the customer climbs the volcano and spends the night practically at the peak. The following day, he completes the ascent to the top and descends back to the volcano’s base. As they reach the summit of Rwanda’s tallest peak, which rises 4507 metres above sea level, climbing tourists find these two days to be extremely gratifying.

Another volcano included in the Rwanda Mountain trekking trips is the 4127-meter-high Muhabura volcano. An entire day may be spent hiking up and down Muhabura Volcano.

The most gratifying hiking trip in the Rwanda Mountains is a chain of volcano trek, which involves hiking 5 mountains all at once in just 7 days. The most satisfying adventure activity in Rwanda is mountain hiking, which you can organise by getting in touch with the travel advisor at World Africa Journeys.

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