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In the northern region of Uganda, Kidepo Valley National Park is a popular destination. It is Africa’s third-best national park and is noted for its unique species, which are found only there and nowhere else in the world. The most popular option is Kidepo, an isolated national park hidden between mountains with stunning vistas. A total of around 1442 square km make up the national park.

Kidepo Valley National Park

The Kidepo valley and the Narus valley, both of which are home to many animal species, are the two regions that make up the unique environment. In order to safeguard the animals that reside there, the park was designated as a national park in 1962. It is home to 75 different kinds of mammals and over 450 different bird species.

The name Kidepo, which translates to “Dodoth,” comes from the IK community, the original settlers. The national park is surrounded by a vast savannah that disappears into angelic mountains; this is the first thing that catches your eye. The Narus valley has a permanent water supply, and the river beds are lined with numerous lovely sausage trees, borassus palms, and grassy lands. Here, you can see the renowned, reputable number of African buffaloes, expect to see African elephants, leopards, lions, rock hyrax, elands, antelopes like waterbucks, bush backs, Jackson hartebeests, warthogs, zebras, cheetahs to mention a few. Since South Sudan is so nearby, the Kidepo Valley does not have a lot of fauna but does contain hot springs. During the dry season, the only living thing left beside the Kidepo River is a borassus palm.

Popular activities include well-distributed game drives along the well-distributed game tracks of the park, which start early in the morning in search of game. With an experienced guide, you will have the best of the park as they will show case what they know. This morning time is busy as the majority of the animal species come out to graze and hunt as well. Visit the local villages, such as the Lorukul community, which is one of the most distinctive tribes in northern Uganda. This ethnic group is located outside the park and is known for being cow herders. The mountain walk You will be taken to the IK community by Morungule.

The IK are pastoral nomads that live in manyata communities. There have been 475 bird species documented in the Kidepo Valley National Park, including the Abyssinian ground horn bill, Red checked cordon bleu, Karamojong apalis, and sun birds, to name a few. Along the Narus valley is the greatest location in the park to watch birds.

The national park may be reached in a number of ways, including by car. The journey takes around 11 hours to complete, with a lunch stop in Gulu town along the route and travel via the picturesque Kitgum villages. From Entebbe or Kampala Kajansi, charter or scheduled flights may be arranged to the national park. When landing at the Kidepo airstrip, a flight to Kidpeo Valley National Park takes two hours. Since Kidepo is hot throughout the majority of the year, you may visit whenever you choose to enhance your experience. There are lodging options in the park that provide visitors with a place to stay. One such facility is the Apoka Safari Lodge, which has a view of the vast Savannah region.

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